Syllabus and Curriculum

 Syllabi are more focused on the day-to-day aspects of teaching and learning within a specific course. All subjects including science, biology, geography, maths, are made very easy to understand.The syllabus outlines the content, topics, and learning objectives of a specific course or subject. These hardware & Contents are supplied and supported by EDUCOMP the largest Company in the field.

Curriculum refers to the overall framework of education, including the set of courses, subjects, and learning experiences offered by an educational institution or system. Curriculum development often involves educational experts, administrators, policymakers, and sometimes input from various stakeholders.

Academic Calendar

Academic calendars are essential for students, faculty, and staff to plan and organize their academic and personal schedules effectively. They provide a framework for the academic year, helping to ensure that important deadlines are met and that everyone involved in the academic process is aware of key dates and events .These calendars usually include dates for the start and end of semesters or terms, holidays, breaks, examination periods, registration deadlines, and other significant academic activities.

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